About Us

Our Customer-driven Approach

At Osprey we are on a mission to revolutionize the use of video and images to manage costs and mitigate safety, environmental and security risks at industrial operations. Unlike traditional video surveillance models, we believe that this important visual information should not be the exclusive domain of corporate security, but rather it should be seen as an asset that can be leveraged throughout the organization, with a measurable return on investment. We also believe that our customers should be able to benefit from intelligent visual monitoring without dealing with the complexity and expense of deploying and managing hardware and software. These beliefs are what drove us to create Osprey Reach, and to deliver it as a managed service.

We see three key trends that are creating an unprecedented opportunity to deliver even more value to our customers and partners:

  1. Major advances in artificial intelligence (computer vision) and machine learning for analyzing and understanding visual data
  2. Emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things, with billions of connected sensors
  3. Availability and power of mobile and cloud computing

These are exciting times at Osprey, and we look forward to announcing more customer-driven innovations in the near future.

Leadership Team

Osprey’s management is an experienced interdisciplinary team with expertise in video surveillance technologies, video analytics and cloud-based software, along with oil and gas operations. The team has a proven track record in growing successful, customer-focused technology companies.

Rob Logan, Chief Executive Officer

Rob has been an investor in Osprey since June 2014 and in November 2016 joined the management as CEO. He has a strong vision for the company, its business opportunities and is impressed with the quality and commitment of its team.  He takes great pride in building innovative, world-class businesses that lead in new or developing segments.  Prior to joining Osprey, Rob was the CEO of CanGas Solutions (a Calgary-based Oil and Gas Services Company), was a seed investor and Board member in Strongwatch Corp. (a Tucson-based defence and homeland security visual intelligence company) and also held senior positions at Citigroup, Salomon Brothers and CIBC.  Rob holds a Jt. Hons. BSc. degree from University of Waterloo and an MBA (Dean’s List) from the Ivey School at Western University.

Michael von Hauff, Technology Advisor, Board Member and Co-founder

As a founder, Michael was responsible for Osprey’s technology vision and overall product design and architecture of Osprey Reach. In his current role he continues to actively support Osprey’s innovation efforts. Michael’s background includes 10 years working as an engineer in two startups and at Intel and Marvell Semiconductors. He holds a BSc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Calgary.

Jeremy Bernard, Chief Operating Officer

As COO Jeremy is responsible for the day to day operations of the company and also plays a key role in marketing and partnerships. Jeremy’s background includes marketing, business development and corporate leadership. Prior to joining Osprey, Jeremy was an independent technology marketing consultant, Director of Sales at Lixar IT and co-founder of a biometrics security company. He was also an Officer in the Canadian Naval Reserve. Jeremy has an MBA from Saint Mary’s University.

Paul Ritchie

Paul Ritchie, Director of Sales

Paul is a proven leader in sales and business development in oil & gas technologies, specialized equipment fabrication and enterprise SaaS solutions. With over 20 years experience with organizations such as Evoco, Reuters and United Fabrication, Paul has worked closely with clients and sales teams across North and Latin America.

Lukasz Skalka, Co-founder and Chief of Engineering

Lukasz is responsible for ensuring success of critical engineering projects, from implementation and training through to long-term customer satisfaction. He has extensive experience in developing telecommunications, electronics and cloud technologies in both Silicon Valley and Calgary. As a consultant, he worked with energy companies to bridge traditional electronics engineering with emerging cloud technologies. Lukasz also has significant expertise in application development, including hardware-user interface development, machine-to-machine applications, video transmission, and OPC integration. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of product development, from strategic planning to UI design. Lukasz has a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary.