Computer Vision

Osprey Reach: Computer Vision Platform for the Industrial IoT

Osprey’s industrial computer vision (CV) is a type of artificial intelligence where computers are trained to recognize objects and activity at industrial sites from images. By replacing human observation with Osprey’s CV solutions, customers quickly gain an accurate understanding of events or activities of interest, for faster and better decision-making.

A Flexible and Scalable Way to Benefit from the AI Revolution

Osprey Reach is designed to incorporate, train with machine learning, and deploy powerful CV solutions at scale. This capability allows Osprey to commercialize the tremendous global research in this area to solve specific industrial problems.

This kind of scalability and flexibility for CV implementation is not available from traditional video surveillance solutions.


Osprey’s Computer Vision Advantages

  1. Proprietary CV Toolkit technology for machine learning and CV performance optimization.
  2. Valuable real-world dataset of tagged industrial images for CV testing and training.
  3. Complete cloud/edge platform for delivering CV solutions – from camera management to web UI with alert subscriptions.

CV solutions for industrial asset and activity monitoring:

There are many potential CV-powered solutions available for industry. Osprey can also offer custom CV development for specific customer challenges.

Equipment status – run/stop (Available today)

Vehicle and people detection (Available today)

Corrosion detection

Leak detection


These are a few examples of CV that Osprey can leverage to deliver complete solutions to industrial customers.  Contact us to discuss potential solutions for your operations.