Computer Vision

Computer Vision: Powerful AI for Automation

Computer vision is a type of artificial intelligence where computers can be trained to recognize objects and activity through the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of useful information from a single image or a sequence of images. It seeks to automate tasks that the humans do by looking at images or objects.

Computer vision is a key area of research across many key technology sectors, from video surveillance to autonomous vehicles. By replacing people or traditional motion-based video analytics with CV, we can quickly gain an accurate understanding of events or activities of interest, enabling much more efficient and accurate information processing and faster and better decision-making.

Osprey Reach: A Computer Vision Platform

Osprey Reach is designed to incorporate, train and optimize computer vision (CV) classifiers (people detection, leak, etc.) and deploy CV solutions at scale to any number of sites. This capability allows Osprey to leverage the tremendous global research in this area to source and commercialize the best CV classifiers to solve specific industrial problems.

This kind of scalability and flexibility for CV implementation is not available from traditional video surveillance solutions.

Osprey’s Computer Vision Advantages

  1. Proprietary CV Toolkit for machine learning and CV performance optimization.
  2. Valuable, real-world “ground truth” dataset of tagged industrial images for CV testing and training.
  3. Complete cloud/edge platform for delivering CV solutions – from camera management to web UI with alert subscriptions.

Osprey Reach allows administrators to efficiently:

Upload a new CV classifier.
Define the image tags (e.g. leak, vibration alert, truck, etc.).
Select which channels (cameras and sites) should to run the new classifier.
Create a new option in our alert subscriptions menu to allow users to access the new CV results (e.g. alert me when there’s a leak at site A or B).
Leverage Osprey’s proprietary CV Toolkit to grow the testing and training datasets to improve accuracy through machine learning. The CV Toolkit can also be used to monitor and optimize CV performance in production.

CV solutions for industrial asset and activity monitoring:

These are a few examples of CV research that Osprey can leverage to deliver complete solutions to industrial customers. Please contact us to discuss potential solutions for your operations.

Equipment status – run/stop (Available today)

Vehicle and people detection (Available today)

Corrosion detection

Leak detection