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Manage Your operations Efficiently and Safely with Osprey Reach

Increase productivity with remote asset inspections. Get accurate activity alerts and reports, backed by computer vision. Access critical video and images from across your operations.
Osprey Reach is there - so you don’t have to be.

Osprey Reach - Built for Industrial Operations

Designed for the unique challenges of distributed industrial sites and facilities, Osprey Reach is intelligent, easy to access and efficient to use. From one camera to thousands, Osprey Reach delivers the enterprise scalability that you need for your operations.

  • 1

    Reliable and easy to implement

    Osprey Reach is delivered as a fully managed service over cellular networks, outside of corporate IT infrastructure. No software to install or support. One centralized place for visual information from any number of sites and cameras.

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    Delivers accurate and actionable information

    With advanced computer vision and rules-based alerts and reports, Osprey Reach provides actionable operational intelligence.

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    Integrates with sensors and systems

    Get visual alarm validation and inspect equipment and infrastructure. Monitor lone workers effectively.

Osprey Reach in Action

Osprey works with customers to solve operational challenges and ensure a maximum return on investment. These are just a few examples of how industrial companies use Osprey Reach to manage their operations more efficiently.

Monitor your well sites online -
from anywhere

  • Inspect equipment - wellheads, tank levels
  • Check for leaks or spills
  • Get visual validation of alarms (H2S, SCADA)
  • Create and share inspection reports

Cut windshield time and prioritize activity.
Labor cost for in-person site visit: $27-$60.
Labor cost for a virtual site inspection: $2.

Review and report on activity and incidents

  • Monitor traffic and wait times
  • Check for spills or damage to site
  • Verify safety compliance

Improve efficiency, accountability and safety.

Get accurate, proactive alerts and respond to suspicious activity

  • Increase perimeter security with computer vision-backed analytics and alerts
  • Respond quickly and effectively to incidents
  • Share visual information and intelligence easily

Protect your people, assets and production.

The Osprey Managed Visual Monitoring Service

Lower total cost of ownership, better results.

Osprey Reach is delivered as an end-to-end, comprehensive managed service. The system is cloud-based and completely independent from corporate IT infrastructure. Osprey looks after everything; customers simply log in to enjoy the benefits of Osprey Reach. The Osprey service includes:

  • Cellular network data and management
  • Management and servicing of cameras and associated hardware
  • Video analytic calibration and tuning
  • Unlimited user licenses and system access
  • Unlimited automated and user-generated reports
  • 12-month cloud data storage
  • Service desk support
  • Optional 24 x 7 live agent monitoring service

Get the Reach advantage.

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Features & Capabilities

Manage your sites efficiently -
from anywhere.

Remotely monitor, manage and report on a virtually unlimited number of sites through an efficient web interface, over any computer or mobile device. Watch live video feeds and snapshots, or review the most relevant video and images from important operational events.

Improve incident response and prioritize activities.

Osprey Reach give you immediate access to video and images from urgent operational events, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to production, security and environmental incidents. Know before you go.

Share information and collaborate with Reports.

Get a snapshot of your sites with automated visual reports. Create and share custom reports for remote site inspections, safety and security audits and environmental incidents. Report on a single site, an entire area, or all your operations at once.

Integrate with Osprey Reach for greater insight.

Osprey Reach is an open platform for integration. By connecting with sensors and systems such as SCADA, H2S sensors, AC drives and fleet management, Osprey Reach gives you greater visibility into critical operational events. Osprey Reach works with a wide range of cameras, allowing you to leverage your current hardware.

How can Reach help your operations?

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Platform Technologies

  • Enterprise Cloud Architecture

    Reach operates independently of the corporate network, there’s no software to install, and it scales easily.

  • Sensor and System Integration

    Reach connects with industrial sensors and corporate data systems via APIs for greater accuracy and situational awareness.

  • Advanced Computer Vision and Data Analysis Engine

    Reach combines video analytics, proprietary computer vision and sensor/system data for unmatched accuracy and relevance.

  • Live Local Streaming

    Reach enables the streaming of live feeds from all cameras over a local network.

  • Hardware Auto-configuration
    and Management

    Cameras sync instantly with Reach for rapid deployment. Reach includes remote health monitoring for reliability, and cameras are configured and serviced online.

  • Camera Options

    Osprey Reach connects to a wide range of cameras. Osprey and its partners can also provide rugged, powerful camera systems tested on Osprey Reach and proven in the field.