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Protect Your People, Assets and Production

Leading industrial companies count on Osprey's video security solutions for effective security incident response and investigation. All Osprey solutions are built on Osprey Reach - the most advanced visual monitoring platform for industrial operations.

Osprey Reach in Action: Proactive Security for Field Operations

Detects and analyzes activity.

Osprey Reach features advanced computer vision for accurate vehicle and people detection, and integrates easily with other data systems such as fleet management. Video security solutions may also include thermal or infrared imaging.

Alerts the right people at the right time.

Osprey Reach sends rules-based event notifications via email, SMS or scheduled activity reports. Security solutions may also feature "Smart Alerts" contact centre service for real-time alarm validation.

Makes security event video, images and reports readily available online.

Osprey Reach is easy to access and efficient to use - making it ideal for proactive incident response, investigation and collaboration.

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Choose Osprey Reach for Secure Industrial Operations

Osprey Reach is the web-based intelligent visual monitoring platform that delivers efficient access to assets and activity from across your operations. Optimized for remote sites and facilities, Osprey Reach works where you do.

  • Reliable and easy to implement

    Delivered as a managed service, with nothing to install or support. Deployed outside of corporate IT infrastructure. Works with virtually any IP or analog camera.

  • Deployable anywhere

    Extremely data-efficient architecture. Suitable for high or low-bandwidth networks, including cellular.

  • Efficient to access and use

    Accessible online over any computer or mobile device. Efficient user interface and customizable alerts and reports for maximum worker productivity.

  • Connects with sensors and systems

    Works with access control, fleet management and other systems for alarm validation and improved situational awareness.

Count on Osprey - Your Solution Experts

Our experienced team will deliver the right solution for your security needs:

  • Needs analysis: Identification and prioritization of security vulnerabilities.
  • Solution design, installation and optimization: Solution diagrams, camera selection, integration options, system installation, computer vision and analytics optimization, application testing and alerts setup.
  • Comprehensive application support: Managed service including phone and email support, ongoing remote application optimization, camera/system health monitoring, user management and training.
  • “Smart Alert” alarm validation: Optional 24x7 live monitoring of alerts by control center agents.

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