Well Monitoring

Monitor Your Oil Wells Efficiently — From Anywhere

Osprey Reach is the most advanced online visual monitoring system for remote wells, and proven in the field to enable a 50% reduction in routine well site visits. Manage your sites cost-effectively, prioritize work, and increase productivity. SCADA, H2S sensor and other integrations available for visual alarm validation and greater situational awareness.

Proven Operational Benefits

Maximize productivity and reduce your operating costs when you monitor your wells with Osprey Reach. Choose the solution that's proven in the field to drive the ROI that you need.

  • Cut routine site visits by 50%
    or more

    Save on windshield time and labor costs with online inspections and alerts.

  • Prioritize work

    Get automated notifications when your pumpjack stops. Validate SCADA alarms. Inspect your sites more frequently and respond quickly to problems.

  • Improve productivity

    Empower your operators to focus on preventative maintenance and other high-value work.

  • Increase Profitability

    Decrease operating costs and improve production uptime.

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Efficient to Use

Log in to your Osprey Reach site online.
View current photos of your well heads and other assets.
Play a live video clip to confirm pumpjack movement.
Share important images and comments with Reports.
Get proactive email or text message alerts for pumpjack
run status events.


Both packages include Osprey’s comprehensive managed service:
Cellular data and remote network/camera monitoring
Unlimited Osprey Reach user licenses
Osprey support: Help desk, training, user management, remote analytics tuning,
remote and in-field hardware support


  • High-quality time-lapse images every 2 hours
  • On-demand new image requests
  • On-demand live video streaming to verify pumpjack movement
  • Remote site inspection reports for information sharing and audit
  • Optional integrations: H2S sensors, Yaskawa AC drive, and/or run-stop detection and alerts

* including Osprey’s comprehensive managed service items listed above


  • High quality time lapse images every two hours
  • Remote site inspection reports for information sharing and audit

* including Osprey’s comprehensive managed service items listed above

Choose Osprey Reach for Efficient Operations

  • Reliable and easy to

    Delivered as a managed service, with nothing to install or support. Deployed outside of corporate IT infrastructure. Works with virtually any IP or analog camera.

  • Deployable anywhere:

    Extremely data-efficient architecture. Suitable for low-bandwidth networks, including cellular.

  • Efficient to access
    and use:

    Accessible online over any computer or mobile device. Efficient user interface and customizable alerts and reports for maximum worker productivity.

  • Connects with sensors
    and systems:

    Integrated with H2S sensors, pumpjack drives, and enterprise asset management systems for alarm validation and improved situational awareness.

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